the newlywed diaries (antes the anti-bride diaries)


i can se clearly now

meet cristal. with a name fit for a big framed basketball groupie girl, this is the ideal bedroom/bathroom accessory. a perfect companion in your nightstand for a sip of water in this hot spring (almost summer like) nights or a very cute adornment in the bathroom sink (a great way for me to introduce pink even though the antigroom hates the color).

a great catch from anthropologie, the best part about cristal (other than being such a nice piece of design) is that it's by marcel wanders for normann-copenhagen.

i bought mine with the excuse that since the dentist told me i should brush my teeth using drinking water other than tap water (something about ph balance) i just needed to have it. doctor's orders.

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  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger mosco said…

    hey, publish a picture of your own cristal!! but hide my fake teeth before.

  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger Simplemente Errática said…

    está requetebonito eso anitbride, pero ¿qué es? jajajajaja es para poner los dientes postizos del mosco? o qué? es no entendí na de na jajajajajajajaja
    yo también quiero uno para mi baño onde lo mercates?


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